InfoLinker3 is a smart glass of the new generation.
It has a large capacity battery which provides a long operation time and it is equipped with the LTE module for an outdoor usage. The battery can be replaced during an operation, so the device can be used without interrupting working process even when the battery runs out. InfoLinker3 can be controlled by voice which makes hands-free operation possible. Also our smart glass is equipped with the LTE module for an outdoor work where wireless connection is out of reach.

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LinkerWorks is a new cloud service implemented in the LTE-equipped smart glass “InfoLinke3” and is used for remote support, workflow management and confirmation. The “Work Support” function allows users to make video calls to remote locations, and to provide detailed instructions and information about the working site. The “Work Navigation” function allows users to perform work and to check workflow instructions simultaneously while operating the device hands-free using only voice commands. The traceability of work history improves the working site management and the quality of work.

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picoLinker is a small, super-lightweight, one-eye wearable display.
Via the HDMI input, it can be connected to PC, smartphone and a wearable camera.
picoLinker can be used in the variety of industries, including the healthcare.

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