Remote Support Software

LinkerWorks is a new cloud service implemented in the LTE-equipped smart glass “InfoLinke3” and is used for remote support, workflow management and confirmation.
Users can make video calls to the related parties in the remote locations and provide detailed instructions and information about the working site, can manage the working pace and working procedures preparation, which helps to improve the quality of management at the working site.

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Task navigation

Task navigation

Remote support via video calls between the manager and the operator improves work efficiency and allows video monitoring of the working process.

Remote support

Remote support

Makes it possible to manage work pace differences and to perform a task according to the workflow created by the administrator.

Task recorder

Task recorder

Makes it possible to capture a video of the working process from the operator’s perspective and to record it to the device’s built-in storage even when the communication is not available.

Task file

Task file

Photos and video files copied to the device’s internal storage can be viewed even when the communication is not available.

Implemented in the InfoLinker3 Smart Glass

LinkerWorks has been developed as a dedicated software for the LTE-equipped smart glass InfoLinker3. LinkerWorks has the “Work Support” function which provides a remote support through video calls made with InfoLinker3, and the “Work Navigation” function which allows users to checks workflow, to record working processes, and to manage work history.


Operating Environment

Web service for administrators is available on the following platforms

Platform Supported versions
Windows PC Windows 10 or later
Macintosh macOS 10.15 or later
Apple iPhone Not supported
Apple iPad iOS 15.2 or later (Some restrictions apply)
Android smartphone Not supported
Android tablet Not supported
Name Version
Microsoft Edge Latest version recommended
Google Chrome Latest version recommended
Safari Latest version recommended (iPad only)
Mozilla Firefox Not supported
Microsoft IE Not supported

Screen resolution of 1280 x 768 (WXGA) or higher is recommended.
There are restrictions on the operating environment and usage of the iPad.

Product Specifications

Work Support Function Remote support ・Remote support through video calls
・Video monitoring of the working process from the worker’s perspective
・Information sharing through painting and screen sharing functions
・Stable video and photo shooting with anti-shake feature
Task Navigation Function Displaying and operation of task guidance ・Work instructions and evidence recording
・Management of the task speed
・Creation of the customized task guidance
・Hands-free operation by voice
・List of task logs (hours, quality results, etc.)
Task Recorder Function Shooting and recording of on-site activities ・Recording videos and taking photos of the working process from the worker’s perspective
・Selecting the image resolution
Task File Function Displaying the files saved on the device ・View photos and videos directly without making a call or sending out the data
・View PDF documents
・For the work efficiency improvement, we made it possible to check the data even in the areas with no connection

※ Due to the product improvement, specifications can be changed without a prior notice.