Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Questions about InfoLinker

The InfoLinker does not start.
Replace the battery and press the power button again.
The power LED blinks and nothing is displayed on the screen.
The InfoLinker is in the sleep mode.
Press the power button to cancel the sleep mode.
The InfoLinker cannot be terminated.
Remove the battery to terminate it.
How long can I use an InfoLinker?
Continuous operating time is approximately one hour per battery.
* It operates longer with the separately-sold feeding adapter.
The operating time depends on the capacity of the connected mobile battery.
Can I install other vendors’ Android applications on the Infolinker WUZ-01B with Android 4.x OS?
Direct installation from GooglePlay is not possible. However, you can install applications using our development environment for InfoLinker.
(See the following webpage for information on the development environment.)
* APK files are required.
Data cannot be transferred between the computer and InfoLinker that are connected with an USB cable.
Try the following procedure.
1) Check whether the power of the InfoLinker connected with the computer is ON.
2) Replace the USB cable and retry data transfer.
3) If the above steps does not solve the problem, the driver recognition may have failed.
Open Device Manager and check whether a “?” mark is displayed on the connected InfoLinker.
* If a “?” is displayed, download the development environment from our company website shown below and install the InfoLinker driver.(See the following webpage for information on the development environment.)
What is the minimum brightness (lx) required for shooting with the built-in camera?
Approximately 10 lx.
Can any adverse effects such as image sensor burning occur if the built-in camera is used against the light?
Burning-in does not occur in a short period of time even if the camera is used against the sunlight. However, if the camera is exposed to the sunlight for a long period of time, the micro-lens will be affected by ultraviolet rays.
Is it possible to use InfoLinkers in an environment where equipment emits electromagnetic waves?
The use in an environment where electromagnetic waves are emitted may cause devices to malfunction, as they include semiconducting parts.
The status of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is OFF.
Display the Home screen, and press and hold the second button from the battery lid side.
The screen displays “reset”, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn ON.

The Bluetooth paring setting is not saved in the InfoLinker.
You can save the Bluetooth paring setting by switching the InfoLinker to sleep mode after the paring is established. To switch to sleep mode, press and hold the power button.
Once the setting is saved, Bluetooth connection will be automatically established when a Bluetooth device is operated.
Connection by tethering cannot be performed.
Connection may fail if the SSID (terminal name) contains a double-byte character.
Use only single-byte characters to create an SSID.

Questions about picoLinker

Nothing is displayed on the screen of the picoLinker after connecting it with an Android terminal via the HDMI adapter.
The Android terminal is required to support the HDMI alternate mode.
Nothing is displayed on the screen of the picoLinker after converting the USB connector of the Android terminal from type-A to type-C.
Even if you change the USB connector from type-A to type-C, no image is displayed because image data is not transmitted.
No sound is output from the speaker of the terminal after it is connected with the picoLinker.
Audio output from the terminal speaker is stopped once connection with a picoLinker is established.
Why colors look differently depending on the viewing angle?
Due to product specification. (LCD is dependent on the viewing angle.)
What is picoLinker’s HDMI version?
The HDMI version is 1.4b.
Do picoLinkers support image inputs other than 1,280×720 px at 60 fps?
They do not support.
Why a mobile battery is required for use with an iPhone (Lightning Connector)?
Apple’s Lightning connector is for only charging iPhones, so the HDMI adapter needs its own power supply.

Questions about Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

I cannot start RMS.exe.
The RMS requires a microphone and speaker for its audio communication.
Open Device Manager and check that the following devices are displayed.
1) Microphone (recognized device)
2) Speaker (recognized device)
My communication partner is not displayed in the RMS.
(The message “Searching for server” is displayed.)
1) Check that the terminal to which you want to connect is activated.
2) Check that the terminal is connected to the communication network (Wi-Fi).
3) Check that UDP port 7066 is open.
・If a firewall is enabled on your computer, you need to open UDP port 7066.
・Contact your network administrator to check whether UDP port 7066 is open.
(RMS performs communications via UDP port 7066.)
The message “License is expired or not registered” is displayed.
1) Check that the license is properly acquired.
2) Check the expiry date of the license.
* See the email we sent you when you purchased the license.
3) If the license is not expired, send an inquiry to the following email address.
The message “Connecting in local communication mode” is displayed.
Check that the terminals are connected to the communication network (Wi-Fi).

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