To be released from 2021 Spring
Field efficiency software
  • Work Support Function

    Video calls enable accurate instructions to remote areas
    Capture detailed information about the work site

  • Work Navigational Function

    Voice-activated hands-free work is possible
    Check the working procedures and improve quality
    Ensuring traceability through work history

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  • Work support

    Support managers and workers remotely with video calls. Improves work efficiency and enables video monitoring from the worker’s perspective.

  • Work Navigation

    It is possible to manage the work differential pace and create a procedure according to the workflow created by the administrator

  • Working recorder

    It is possible to record the shooting of work video from the worker’s perspective in the built-in storage even if the communication is not possible.

  • Work files

    Photos and video files copied to the device’s internal storage can be viewed even if the communication is not possible.



Product Specifications

Work Support Remote Assistance ・Remote assistance through video calls (1-to-n)
・Video monitoring from the worker’s perspective
・Information sharing through painting and screen sharing functions
・Stable shooting with anti-shake feature
Work Navigation Display and operation of working procedures ・Work direction and evidence recording
・Management of the work pace
・Create work instructions tailored to your business
・Hands-free operation by voice
・List of work history (hours, quality results, etc.)
Working Recorder Shooting and recording the work ・Filming and recording of work videos from the worker’s perspective
・Selecting the right resolution for the situation

※The plan is as of September 2020 and may differ from the specifications and prices of the final product.