【Press Release】InfoLinker™2 “Link Reality” Smart Glass to be Unveiled at CES 2019

Press release

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — WESTUNITIS, INC. (“WESTUNITIS” or “Company” ), the unique Japan-based tech company as both a wearable hardware and software developer for the enterprise and consumer market, is pleased to announce that Company will unveiling their new wearable concept Link Reality™ vision and next gen monocular type of stand-alone wearable PC , InfoLinker™2 at CES, in North America, taking place in LAS Vegas, NV Jan 8 -11, 2019.

The InfoLinker™2 is dramatically evolved, next gen of their first wearable InfoLinker, and leverages the new concept “Link Reality™” to smart glass industry for its connectivity and usability.

InfoLinker™2 the greatest feature, will connect internet through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and NFC for more seamless connectivity and combination with other devices. It has GPS and 3-axis accelerometer, gyro, magnetic, pressure, proximity sensors to recognize any kind of action and situation of wearer. Its weight is 1.8 oz, one of the lightest monocular type of wearable glasses, and flexible arm display, actualized from former InfoLinker, is very comfortable without interrupting the real view, and optical non-see-through display assures clear visuality even in outdoor use. Its original design combines functionality and fashion. Free to attach either right or left eye through its original neckband which works also as an external battery holder and attachment base for accessories, and able to be mounted to your usual glasses or safety glasses. For operation, manual button, touch sensor, and voice command are prepared to operate in any circumstances where you can use your hand or required hand-free action. These high-engineered features enhance for both enterprise and consumer user’s familiarity to using smart glasses in their daily activities to bring a new dimension of life style.

WESTUNITIS™ is the unique tech company as both a wearable hardware and software developer which started up as paper manual production company in Osaka, Japan. We have been focusing on the way to assist working in the B2B market for decades and developed an original hands-free mobile device.

Founded in 1991, WESTUNITIS is a private company with offices in Osaka (H.Q., R&D) and Tokyo (Sales), Japan, and Santa Clara, CA, USA.

WESTUNITIS™, LINK REALITY™, InfoLinker™ and picoLinker™ are registered trademarks of WESTUNITIS CO., Ltd.

For more information https://www.westunitis.com or email us at contact@westunitis.com


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