【Press Release】picoLinker™ is now released in USA and available at b8ta.

Press release

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — WESTUNITIS, INC. (“WESTUNITIS” or” Company”), the unique Japan-based tech company, as both a wearable hardware and software developer for the enterprise and consumer market, is pleased to announce a partnership with tech retail store b8ta to showcase their super light, clear view, and fashionable wearable display picoLinker™. picoLinker™ will be displayed and available to buy at several b8ta locations around the country including NY Downtown (NY), Palo Alto(CA), Seattle (WA), and Austin (TX) from Nov 1st and also available for purchase online on the b8ta website.

Product Information

picoLinker™ is a Super light, Clear view, and Fashionable wearable display. nHD resolution display that brings you a bright detailed view in front of your eye. Connected with your own devices (smartphone, tablets, laptops etc) via HDMI cable. Attachable to your glasses on the right or left side. Suitable for consumer and enterprise application.
*Safety Precautions: Read the Quick Guide carefully and thoroughly before using, and then use it correctly.


Approximate weight

1oz / 30g (except cable)


nHD(640 x 360)

Field of view (approx.)

16.7 degrees

Aspect ratio


Image Input

HDMI input (1280 x 720p at 60fps, HDCP not supported)
HDMI type A male connector


IPX4 (Waterproof performance)



WESTUNITIS™ is the unique tech company as both a wearable hardware and software developer which started up as paper manual production company in Osaka, Japan. We have been focusing on the way to assist working in the B2B market for decades and developed an original hands-free mobile device. The company’s hardware products, monocular type wearable glasses InfoLinker™, is the stand-alone wireless wearable PC, developed for industrial application to support and improve working efficiency with its own software, Remote Maintenance System (RMS) and Task Navigation System (TNS). “picoLinker™” is one of the lightest weight wearable displays. It can be used in consumers’ daily lives to support sports, guiding, and entertainment, likewise in the industrial solution field.

Founded in 1991, WESTUNITIS™ is a private company with offices in Osaka (H.Q., R&D) and Tokyo (Sales), Japan, and Santa Clara, CA, USA.


WESTUNITIS™, InfoLinker™ and picoLinker™ are registered trademarks of WESTUNITIS CO., Ltd. HDMI, HDMI high-Definition Multimedia Interface are either trademarks of HDMI.


For more information https://www.westunitis.com or email us at contact@westunitis.com


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