To be released from 2021 Spring
Next-generation smart glass
  • LTE equipped, can be used outdoors
  • Realize the extended operation by large-capacity battery
  • Battery replaceable while in use.
  • Easy to work outdoors during daytime with a non-transparent type
  • Lightweight head mount reduces fatigue
  • Easy to position and focus the display
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Product Descriptions



InfoLinker3 will be introduced in 3 video based on case studies for each industry of “Manufacture, Distribution”, “Maintenance”, and “Health Care”.

Product Features

  • LTE equipped

    With LTE installed, InfoLinker3 can be used for outdoor works where wireless LAN does not reach.

  • large-capacity battery

    The large-capacity battery allows you to work for a long time and can be replaced during work

  • Voice Command

    Voice command makes Hands-free work possible

  • Bone conduction speaker

    Bone conduction speaker makes it possible to work with noise

  • Display

    Non-transparent display make easy to see even in a bright environment during day time

  • Lightweight

    The load on the head when worn is reduced by setting the neck band and head mount separately

  • Camera

    Supporting 4K shooting and hand-shake correction

  • Touch Panel

    Smooth operation is possible by touch panel operation other than voice command

Product Specifications

Product Number InfoLinker3
Components Neck Band + Head Mount
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
OS Android 10.0
User Memory 64GB
Display μOLED (organicEL) nHD + (640×400)
Opitical Module 0.56inch (8.0mm×12.0mm) view angle:20.2°
Camera F value:1.8 / view angle:78.2°
・Still image 12 million pixels
・Video 4K 30fps Electronic Hand-shake Correction
Speaker Neck Band 1.0W
2-mic noise reduction system
Vibration Neck Band equipped
Torch Light
Battery ・5,000mAh lithium-ion battery
・5 hours continuous operation(Under actual usage environment)
・Battery Replaceable By User
Operation Interface ・Button (Powe, Volume up/down, Confirm, Back)
・Touch sensor
・Voice Command Function
Weight (Neck Band) About 360g
Weight (Head Mount) About 120g
Mobile Phone Line 4G/LTE
Wireless LAN 2.4GHz(b/g/n)、5GHz(a/ac)
NFC Bluetooth5.0 BR / EDR / LE
External Terminal ・USB charge / power supply
・4 pole earphone jack
・Bone conduction earphone jack
Sensors ・9 axis (acceleration, gyro, geomagnetic)
Waterproof and Dustproof Equicalent to IP66
Operating Available Environment
・Temperature: -20℃~50℃
・Humidity: 30%~90%
Country of Manufacture Japan

※The plan is as of September 2020 and may differ from the specifications of the final product.